Exotic Animals

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Pet and Aquatic Services

Including Dog Walking, Petsitting, Exotic Animals and Aquarium set up and Maintenance

Vivarium and Large Animal Maintenance


Vivariums, room conversions and outdoor enclosures can be a messy and time consuming job to keep up to. We provide a full maintenance service on a one off basis or as a regular routine to keep your exotic animals in good health and within a safe and hygienic environment. This service consists of mucking out, decor cleaning and disinfecting, substrate replacement, glass cleaning, temperature/humidity maintenance, feeding and water changes where applicable.

We understand that some exotic owners appreciate the appearance and behaviour of these animals but find it difficult to get up close and personal when it comes to maintenance or feeding, fear no more, we will do the hard work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your pets.


Varies greatly depending on what animal you have and the size of its enclosure so please get in touch for a quote. A example would be £15 for a Leopard Gecko and £90 for a monitor or bird of prey in a full room or outdoor enclosure.


Pet Sitting

Small Exotic Animals