Dog Walking

£9 per hour for group walks - £3 for each additional dog.

£40 per week for 5 walks.

£14 per hour for individual walks -  £3 for each additional dog.

Your dog will be walked, entertained and cuddled and we will always take your dog to the nearest park or woodland area unless specified. Travel times are not deducted from the hour.

NIght time walking available - get in touch for further details

Day Trips - (£35)

Trips to the coast, the lake district and my home of Wensleydale are something me and my dog love doing, if you want to treat your dog to some beautiful scenery and new experiences please get in touch.

Pet Sitting and Puppy Care

£9 per visit - £2 for each additional animal or aquarium.

If you are going on holiday or away on business be sure that your house as well as your pets are in good hands.

We will feed, clean and socialise with your pets

Also we will ensure your house and property are secure including checking doors and windows and picking up the post.

Pet Taxi

Please get in touch for a quote

Vivarium and Large Animal Maintenance

Varies greatly depending on what animal you have and the size of its enclosure so please get in touch for a quote. A example would be £15 for a Leopard Gecko and £90 for a monitor or bird of prey in a full room or outdoor enclosure.

Aquarium Set Up (£50)

This is a useful service if you are new to the hobby or you are not sure where everything goes or how it works.

Aquarium Maintenance

Prices do vary depending on the size and type (freshwater or marine) so please get in touch for a accurate quote.

Average cost for freshwater is £30, marine is £45

All maintenance jobs will get the works unless specified, this includes filter media and  component cleaning, substrate cleaning, pruning, landscaping, algae removal, glass cleaning, water testing, decor cleaning, diagnosis of fish health and where applicable feeding and nutrient/light management.

Regular maintenance on a weekly or fortnightly basis will receive reduced rates.

High tech aquascapes and reef setups will require an assessment before a accurate quote can be given, please get in touch.

Aquatic Emergencies

0900-1800 - £10 call out charge then £10 per hour.

Out of hours emergency - £40 call out fee then £15 per hour.

Aquarium and Vivarium Removal (£15)

Includes stock re-homing.

Specialty Fish Finder

£15 search fee + 20% of fish value – reimbursed if not found.

Please note that any necessary postage is not inclusive in the price, all postage will be pre verified.

Dog Walking

Pet Sitting

Small Exotic Animals