Aquarium Set Up

Aquarium set up and the initial build up of bacteria can be a daunting task, especially for the inexperienced and elderly. We will set up your aquarium from scratch including filtration, lighting, decor, stand construction, substrate rinse and landscaping. We will also source and stock your aquarium if you require. We offer a one off set up or full support through the entire Nitrogen Cycle. This service is offered to freshwater and marine aquariums.

Aquarium Maintenance

There’s never enough time in the day and we are here to help you maintain that beautiful aquarium so you can enjoy its benefits without any hassle. Maintenance involves general cleaning from the substrate and filter to a glass clean and water change with everything in-between. This is best as a weekly service for the well being of your fish but we also offer one off cleans. This service applies to marine and freshwater aquariums.


This is a increasing hobby and increasingly complicated which is why we offer a service that will provide you with everything you need. Lighting, CO2 and nutrient management as well as landscaping, pruning, stocking and general maintenance.

Reef Management

The Rolls Royce of aquarium set ups both in appearance and price. This is why we will tend to all your reef needs. We will fully maintain your reef through proper nutrient, light and stock management, we will bring RO water to you as well as source the most exotic and usually LPS and SPS corals and fish.

Specialty Fish and Coral Finder

Oddballs and rarities are always in great demand in the aquatics hobby but can be annoyingly difficult to track down, I have contacts with fish farms and private breeders all over the globe so providing there are no restrictions on your specific animal I will find it for you.

Aquarium Medical Emergencies

This is something which will happen to everyone from the experienced to the less so and it can strike at a moments notice. We are always on call for such emergencies and should you not be able to diagnose or medicate the aquarium yourself please call us, every minute matters. This is very useful out of retail hours when medication and RO water is hard to get.


Aquarium Set Up (£50)

This is a useful service if you are new to the hobby or you are not sure where everything goes or how it works.

Aquarium Maintenance

Prices do vary depending on the size and type (freshwater or marine) so please get in touch for a accurate quote.

Average cost for freshwater is £30, marine is £45.

All maintenance jobs will get the works unless specified, this includes filter media and  component cleaning, substrate cleaning, pruning, landscaping, algae removal, glass cleaning, water testing, decor cleaning, diagnosis of fish health and where applicable feeding and nutrient/light management.

Regular maintenance on a weekly or fortnightly basis will receive reduced rates.

High tech aquascapes and reef setups will require an assessment before a accurate quote can be given, please get in touch.

Aquatic Emergencies

0900-1800 - £10 call out charge then £10 per hour.

Out of hours emergency - £40 call out fee then £15 per hour.

Aquarium and Vivarium Removal (£15)

Includes stock re-homing.

Specialty Fish Finder

£15 search fee + 20% of fish value – reimbursed if not found.

Please note that any necessary postage is not inclusive in the price, all postage will be pre verified.

Pet Sitting

Small Exotic Animals


Dog Walking